Welcome to the Battle…

Renegade Consumer is a new effort to change our world by reshaping the economic landscape—not the landscape of business, industry and government, but the landscape of individuals, families and communities.

rc_locked_walletWe’re not seeking to reshape our world from the outside, by changing laws and institutions, but from the inside, from the ground up, by giving consumers a better understanding of their own economic world. It is the individuals and families who gain this insight that will form the movement that challenges and rebuilds our social, economic and government structures.

Renegade Consumer is much more than another “rebel consumer,” anti-advertising or ’culture jamming‘ movement. It is a philosophy, a synthesis, a book and a community discussion about the role of the consumer in the modern world. It begins with the idea that it is the consumer that is important, and re-envisions our economic world from that foundation up, not from institutions and theories down.

Most of all, though, Renegade Consumer is a growing movement of those who “don’t buy it any more.” If you’re tired of feeling used by a world that forever demands more just to let you stay in the same spot, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve wondered why your future seems headed only where others choose to point it, you’ll want to read on. If you’ve had enough of being driven by the system to serve its ends rather than your own, you’re ready to go renegade… to become a renegade consumer.

This is the place to begin freeing yourself from a lifetime of system-serving conditioning. Jump in anywhere — like here — and start re-ordering your notions of economic freedom and reality.

I can only warn you that once you grasp the renegade message, there’s no going back. You’ll never again see the world the same way, and you’ll never again settle for the role of passive consumer.

Welcome to the battle for your economic freedom.

James Gifford aka Renegade One