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Welcome to ACE

This is the home of Analytical Consumer Economics, a new and evolving field that stems from a radical re-envisioning of economic theory. In a nutshell, ACE examines socioeconomic systems from the viewpoint of the consumer—

consumer, n. 1. the economic individual.

—as the foundation of the economy, instead of from the top-down perspective of conventional economics that largely consigns individuals to a collective class of little importance.

Put more formally—

Analytical Consumer Economics is the study of economic systems from the perspective of their consumer foundations, with a focus on the importance of individual economic rights.

ACE is a structured descendant of Renegade Consumer, an examination of consumer (in the simpler definition) issues and resistance to corporate control of individual lives and economic choices. Its approach is based on the following general assessment of economics:

Economics is best regarded as the intersection of accounting and behaviorism. That the accounting can be carried out with fantastic precision almost universally imbues economic thinking with the delusion that the behavioral component is equally precise and predictable.

J.K. Greyfriars

At present, the content here is essays (listed at right) first written for and published on the ACE Quora space. This site is intended to give a more flexible platform for discussion and development of ACE's ideas and will be expanded over time. Comments here or in the Quora space are invited.

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Welcome to the discussion.